The future of storytelling – Assignment 003 – Create a new character

The Future of Storytelling course is getting better and better every week. This time we went deep in transmedia pointing out similarities and differences between web-series and tv-series and all the hybrid stuff that you can think about.

So the assignment is a trans-media challenge: create a new character writing his/her/itsbio and characteristics and build his/her/its online life. An intriguing task that push a couple of boundaries of my personals skills, so a useful task. Maybe I’ll start to interact with other fellow students creations, trying to roleplaying it. You can read the character bio down below, with link to his personal social life account. 


Franco is a bartender in his 20s and he looks exactly like his age. A little bit under the average height, with a shaved head and blue yes under a couple of blondish eyebrows. 

He smiles more often than not, because he’s lucky enough to have his dream job: he owns and run a bar in the same block he grown up. A lot of his regular costumers are friends from kindergarden or highschool. But there are more and more found during his life abroad helping people in war zones and underdeveloped countries. People that sometimes come to his bar for a drink and some chatting up.


Because Franco loves to be a bartender and mixing drinks, but he loves more meeting people and listen to them. Everybody has a story, but not nobody has an audience. Franco is that audience, and sometimes other customers are that uadience too. A lot of friendships spark in the right bar, if the bartender knows how to handle his welcomed costumers.


And Franco his a skilled conoissuer of the human behavior. Nothing learned in school but just watching people be people, and being himself immerse in life everytime he get the occasion. So it’s not a secret that he can spot right from the door is someone means business even before asking for a drink. A lot of people roams from bar to bar looking for trouble. Everybody has demons, and a lot of those demons are always thirsty. Franco knows when to quench them, when to listen to them and when its the right time for get them out of his bar.


“The door is always open, but you need to act kindly if you wanna stay.”


This are some bits about Franco, but if you want to know a little bit more you can catch with him online. He want to share with us some stories and anecdotes about his bar and his people. Check him on:




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