The future of storytelling – Assignment 002 – A character profile

New assignment, new post for all my dear followers. This time I have to fill a profile about a character from tv show. To be honest I have, maybe, cheat a little because I chose The Undertaker. I know, i know, he is a wrestler. But.

But professional wrestling is scripted, and Undertaker he’s on tv since 1990. He did a lot of things since then, he fought everybody on the roster (or should I say the cast?), he discovered he has a brother, he tried to kill said brother and then became a tag team champion with him. He has been at the head of a cult, he became a biker and than he went back to his roots of darkness and undead. Every once in a while his history undergoes a ret-con.

To me that’s a fictional characters. So, I give you my assignment below.



He’s tall. I mean, i am like 6,2 but i need to rise my gaze to watch him in the eyes, if i can keep myself together. Because this man is not a normal man. I’m not sure if he is a man at all. They buried him alive. And not once.

Sure, when you look at him you can see someone that exudes strength, confidence and a relentless will of survive. But can you really call “man” someone who can summon darkness at will? It is mortal what can come back from the dead more than once? I cannot say for sure.

If he is mortal, he is a really special specimen of a man who surround himself with people of a peculiar kind. A father figure in a shape of a funeral parlor director. A brother who can control fire, mentally unstable and forgotten for a long time.

A strange kind of rugged relative that, as far as i can see, he never know if he can trust or not. Best of allies, worst of enemies. His brother tried to kill him a lot of times. And he himself drowned is “father” in concrete. But they are linked in a profound and twisted and unbreakable way. When “father” died, he gave him his respect and he bowed before him. Some made fun of all of this. A mistake.

Because he’s a prod man. A man that never back down from a fight. A man that put on his uniform, lace his gloves and took a beating if it’s the right thing he feels to do. He fights for himself, mostly. He fights for the darkness. He fights for whatever forces drive him, something deep inside that he know how to handle and take at bay. But not every time.

This is a man, if he is a man, that endure an incredible amount of pain week after week, month after mont, year after year. Because he believe in what he does and he care in doing it right at his terms.

A troubled man, maybe, but someone who know always what he want and does not stop till he gets it.

Name: The Undertaker

Nickname: The Phenom

TV Series, this character is in: Mondany night RAW, Friday Night SMACKDOWN