Learning english one error at a time

So, id like to improve my non-existent skill in written english. Because i am a writer and one time in the future i want to try to sell my stuff on the international market. It sound way more bombastic than i mean, really.

Thing is that i think about writing in english at least since 2010 but i always find excuses for not doing it. But a couple of days ago i enrolled in a massive online course about storytelling, called The future of Storytelling.

The course is open to everyone from everywhere so, obviously, its in english. And there are assignment, of course in english. No one is obliged to do the assignment, and no one is obliged to publish them in the open.

But. I stumbled upon a post written by one of the student of the course, Davide Mana, an italian like me and a writer like me. He decided to put his assignment in the open. And, reading his post, i thought “This is the right occasion to open an english blog!”.

So here we are. I’ll post my assignments along the way, and other stuff about things i like.

Every bit of advice about my english is highly welcomed and I thank you in advance.